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 I hear them say America needs to make American goods. Cost more money than good old China. So what? You want your jobs? You’re going to have to pay!

I hear them say poor people of color are thugs, thieves and rapist. Why is that? Is it because bigots with axes to grind are blindly hired. Vet and train your cops a hell of a lot better or else we all have to pay.

I heard them say abortions are evil and they need to shut those clinics down. Then guarantee a nation of fathers that teach their boys how to be good men. And girls get the attention they need from their fathers instead of paying for love with sex. Promise no more incest, molestation, degradation and bodily humiliation! Because it does exist! Will you mandate that law or is the price too much to pay?

I heard them say the poor are lazy parents at best! Is it because our single mothers work 2 and 3 jobs? Give them family leave and a damn living wage! Hey boss man, you’re going to have to pay!

I heard them say, keep those Muslims out. Well this Christian loves all good people. Especially the different ones from herself. What will it cost to keep and take them in. I will happily pay!


It Repeats Itself

Posted: July 21, 2014 in History, Life, Politics, Race, Religion, Society

DISCLOSURE: I have Jewish, Muslim, Christian and atheist friends. All of them value life.

Anyone who follows my blog knows I’m fond of making lists. It alleviates stress for me and makes me proud of my levity and humor. That said, there are lists that are not easy or funny and will cause much stress.

I’m referring to a time and place when paperwork, typewriters and forgeries equaled life. Many Jewish and non-Jewish children were saved by good people who were not Jewish. World War II …. big deal, right?

I know everyone knows about the Holocaust, Schindler’s List etc. And yes, many acts of heroism, heartache and cruelty. Should we just let such history go? It’s been 75 years since Hitler reared his psychotically evil head.

Shall we forget it, then? HELL NO! Why not? The evil spirit of the Holocaust is here, today. Today’s Nazis go to Synagogue, fast for Ramadan and shut their Christian eyes and ears to the world’s suffering children.

An Israeli Parliament member stated that all Palestinians are terrorists and their mothers should be killed. All I could think of was her ancestors. Does she not know who she is?

Perhaps she thinks that her race is superior? Where have I heard that before? All of us are here for a reason. Whether you believe in God or not we can all agree that there is no superior race. We are capable of wondrous reasoning and self-serving bullshit.  



Congratulations for a hard fought victory. I am the daughter of Mexican parents. I was born in the U.S. but speak Spanish, therefore making me a Latina. Please don’t misunderstand. I love both my countries and heritage.

That said, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I find it difficult to watch soccer (or Fußball) because of all the constant physical exertion. I can’t think of any sport that demands as much endurance and power.

This is why I have a deep sense of admiration and respect for your team. You gallantly battled and won the best in the world. This is good enough reason to raise my glass to you all and wish you well.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Liebe deutschen, die Schlacht auf dem Feld und diejenigen, die sie anfeuern! I hope the translation is correct.


I just finished watching a documentary For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) about how conservative Christians use the Bible to justify their oppression and hatred against the LGBT community.

I enjoyed the debate and evolution of families from a social and religious standpoint, but I got to thinking outside this hotbed (no pun intended) of drama.

I need a world with weird, kooky, complicated, askew, flamboyant and blazingly different. I could never live in a gated community where all the houses look alike. It would drive me nuts!

There is nothing I love more than variety. I look back to the times when America looked like it was under the Stepford Wives spell. In the 50s everything was lovely, pleasing and sterile as hell.

I need the gays, lesbians, question marks, weirdoes, kooks, nerds, troubadours, readers, blacks, whites, foreigners with thick accents and manic hug-hoarding riot starters.

Life would be awful if no one tried to jam the square peg into the round hole. Go ahead and paint outside the lines. As a matter of fact, get a demolition crew and blow up the lines!

Still, there are people who want meatloaf on Tuesdays and their clothes starched, pressed and hanging thoughtfully in the closet. Cool. As long as you’re happy. Just don’t shove your nirvana into my happiness.


So this is the end the 4th of July 2014 and I’ve been thinking all day what it means to be a patriot. And no, I am not talking about the New England Patriots.

If you wave the flag, eat hot dogs, watch the fireworks and repeatedly shout USA does that mean you’re proud to be an American? Don’t sing that song please. I love it too, but I’m trying to make a point here.

I think that being a true patriot means being real about your country. I, by the way, love my country. I was born and raised here. And I thank God that I was granted that good fortune.

That said, I will not place America on a Virgin Mary pedestal. She is not beyond reproach by any stretch of the imagination. And I resent those that try to sell that sentimental propaganda.

When I say that I love my country I am referring to the people. I mean the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, documented, undocumented, English speaking and otherwise people. This country belongs to the world for better or for worse.

America is the world! The world goes to America. This is a fact. That sushi you love so much doesn’t come from a guy named Joe who hails from Hoboken. So you fear the terrorist but must have your Friday night falafel and kabobs. Where’s the logic?

Lets talk about terrorism. When you get kidnapped, raped, beaten, chained to a ship for 6 months and forced to work for the rest of your life without pay or security wouldn’t you be terrified? Then of course we have the real natives, but it’s okay because of a catchy phrase – manifest destiny.

Manifest Destiny: historical expansionist doctrine: the doctrine or belief prevalent in the 19th century that the United States had the God-given right to expand into and possess the whole of the North American continent.

Okay brown people (i.e. Mexicans and native Americans) we had a talk with the man upstairs and He wants you guys to get out of our way. But who will clean your houses, mow your lawn, pick your fruit and nurse your babies, Senor? Yes, I’m a Latina.

What do I love about my country? I love the bravery, innovation, humanity and artistic beauty that flourishes here. I love that we can grow from our mistakes. And every now and then, the little guy topples the giant as CNN, MSNBC and Twitter run the story.

My beloved country is good, bad, brilliant, stupid, just and corrupt as hell. And I am allowed and encouraged to say it in a global forum – this blog. God bless American. May she always be perfectly flawed.





There are things in I wish could happen at least once in my life. Am I wrong for wanting this?

I want ALL WOMEN to stop calling themselves females. The word female is an adjective not a noun! It describes. Example: Female doctor, female officer, female cat. Got it?

I want every Jehovah Witness to have their doorbell incessantly rung by conversion-seeking Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and Catholics (preferably Irish Catholics … they don’t play).

I want IRS agents to get obscenely audited. I mean go all the way back to their McDonald’s gig!

I want every mayor in America to ride the bus for two weeks, one in the summer and one in the dead of winter.

I want every slumlord in America to be sentenced to 30 days in a Tijuana or Cuidad Juarez barrio. I know it’s in Mexico but this is my wish list.

I want the head of TSA, Homeland Security and U.S. Customs to stand in line at the airport or cross the border with all the appropriate documentation.

I want a better mental healthcare system that prevents homeless vets and mass shootings. Most prisons are ridiculously housing the mentally ill and then spitting them into the street with a few pills!

I want every member of the NRA and their political whores to assist in performing the autopsies of every innocent child killed by gun violence.

I want every single sex offender to be sentenced to following: publicly (high traffic area) made to wear a sandwich board listing his crimes for 24 hours. The rest of his sentence can be served in general population.

Lastly, I want to find a way to forgive the selfish, arrogant, bigoted and heartless people in the world. I know that can included myself in that list. Please forgive me, God.


My dream of debating rednecks, Tea Party disciples, Republicans and Duck Dynasty fanatics arrogant to say the least. Say what you will, but it’s my blog.

Illegals are ruining our country and taking our jobs! I find it hilarious you say that while inhaling a tamale.

I love fracking because I got paid real good. What good it money if the earth is eating your house?

I want the government out of my life! So you hate the federally employed mailman that brings you your social security check?

America takes care of their own through military spending. I guess you didn’t see that homeless vet peeing outside the VA.

I need all my guns and ammo in case I need to defend my home. Defend it from who? Al-Qaida isn’t going to fly thousand of miles to raid you refrigerator for beer, pork rinds and a bloody deer head.

Benghazi should never have happened! Invading Iraq without ever finding WMDs, Katrina’s massive screw-up, Columbine, the death of thousands of black citizens and the pointless war on drugs should never have happened.

Welfare people sure are fat and lazy. They’re obese because the are addicted to high sugar, processed food. It’s all they can afford. They’re lazy because of mental illness caused by obesity and isolation. Who would want to live like this voluntarily?