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Work Harder

Posted: April 22, 2017 in Children, Family, Health, Life, Love, Politics, Religion, sex, Society, women

I just finished watching a documentary on the abortion issue. It was very fair because it gave all sides a chance to express their views. Still I was left feeling slighted. I thought about the Pro-Choicers having to explain themselves at various angles, but not Pro-Lifers.

Why do women get abortions? It is an arduous and heartbreaking ordeal for anyone. Often it is for financial reasons, can’t handle another baby or she’s a teen with no assets. Let’s talk about her for a moment. More than likely, her mother is the sole supporter. Mom works at least two job. That scenario equals little to no supervision.

Teen love birds now have access to a sex pad because mom is working. Girl is willing to have sex because she feels abandoned by dad and mom is never around.
Now Pro-Lifers want to call this girl a whore because she can’t have a baby grow in her body and give it away after 9 months.

Did these Pro-Lifers shame this girl’s father? After all he refused to be a man and raise this young mother? Did these Pro-Lifers lobby Congress to raise the minimum wage so that mothers can have just one job so they can raise their kids? Do Pro-Lifers lobby for people that want to adopt, but can’t?

If Pro-Lifers want to save lives they need to save the mother’s life before she gets pregnant. EDUCATION!! This is the key! Kids must be taught before puberty. Adults need to report sexualized activity with young kids. Men have to teach boys how to be good men.
It is a biological fact that puberty happens. We all went through it. It’s ridiculous to ignore or shame kids for going through it. They need help and adults have a job to do.


For quite some time now, I’ve been hearing about alleged Christians and their intolerance to the LGBT community. Almost always the Bible is quoted as a means to justify there stance.

I propose that their prejudices stem from something more basic. When I look back at my childhood there was something all kids(or at least most) had in common.

You heard something coming from the bedroom. You opened the door. And absolute horror filled your eyes and brain. They were having sex! Gross! Yuck!

Oral, vaginal, handcuffs, from behind, missionary and of course you saw them naked. When they came out of the bedroom smelling like sex you were silent and eying the floor.

You didn’t want to talk about it. You never opened that door again. If your parents even hinted that they had sex a small or large amount of abhorrence rushed to your heart.

But with age you get over it. Maturity, compassion and love makes you want your parents to be happy in all aspects of their lives. So displays of affection turn into a good thing.

I propose that right-wingers can’t stand the thought of gay sex acts (much like normal kids did of heterosexual sex). If you don’t like it don’t think about it!

They point at the Bible and say, God hates them too. I’m not prejudice. I just want it abolished from society for God’s sake. I’m doing His work!

Hey, bigot! You need to grow up. You are a homophobic, mean-spirited, immature and socially oppressive person. By the way, don’t have sex in the house. Your kids think it’s nasty.

My topic for today is being a woman. I’ve been one my whole life (ha ha) and have much to say about this matter. Bear in mind that I can only speak on this matter from my first hand experiences.

I truly believe that every woman has the little mean girl lurking inside her. She may not come out that often, but she’s there. Women have ended lasting friendships based on jealousy alone.

If two girlfriends go out and only one gets all the male attention and the other gets dismissed, the rejected one will end the friendship by ignoring her friend or fabricating a story to use as an excuse.

Another phenomenon is when women in power allow or participate in injustices against other women. And these women aren’t necessarily malicious. So why do they stand-by without acting? Fear? Self preservation? Or maybe they try to justify wrong behavior at any cost.

On YouTube I saw a clip of a female judge (master) watching an innocent woman being arrested. The mother had just been sexually assaulted by the marshall.

On the flip side, women are capable of amazing things and extraordinary compassion. Lovingly raising a child conceived in rape and not for religious reasons. Relinquishing or risking your own life to save the life of another is not an issue for many women.

A few years ago I worked as a hospice volunteer. Sadly, I didn’t have the mental fortitude to stay. There were women that did hair and nails for the patients. Others (myself included) delivered fresh flowers. I had one patient that loved orange soda. I, of course, bought her plenty.

We can all be petty and understanding, stingy and generous, bitchy and thoughtful. And by we, I mean men and women. You just have to focus on the best part of you. The part that you’ve always been proud of.





I’m a little scatter brain today or manic or myself! Argh! I can’t decide. You guys figure it out and let me know.

What did the lady electrician say to her date? Looks like you got a short! 

What’s the easiest way a girl can end a relationship? Tell the guy you want to get pregnant.

How does one make brownies? With pot and law enforcement’s blessing, of course!

When is it okay for a guy to live in his parents’ house? When his parents live in another house.

How do you get terrorists to surrender? Bombard them with rotting pig parts and Pussy Riot music!

How do you get thugs to stop fighting? Amplify the sound of nails on a chalkboard through the neighborhood.

What’s the worst thing a child can say to a parent?  “I’ll write an e-book.”

It was funny in my head. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.





I am a horrible, terrible loathsome blogger. That said, I hope everyone chuckles a bit. Smooches to all from the Crazy L.A. Latina!

I am a proud liberal Democrat and I support everyone’s right to bare arms! Short and no sleeves for everybody! There’s your guns and ammo! If God gave them to you there is no finer weapon!

If your husband threatens to divorce you abandon him with all his ADHD kids on an early Saturday morning. Take his car keys and the all the kids’ meds. Your cell phone will ring incessantly but by the end of the day he’ll agree to anything.

When hot people get naked in public, we call it a public service. When fat, hairy, ugly people get naked in public, we call them sex offenders, nasty perverts committing a felony!  I’m okay with this distinction.
If you want to get back at your douche bag brother mix a sleeping pill and 2 laxative tablets in his drink while he’s cramming for his mid-terms.

When I was a kid there were academic chores that I loathed. Adulthood for me was a divorce from such chores. Who came up with such ideas? I hope today’s kids aren’t plagued with such tasks.

Diorama – The bane of my existence. I was never artistically inclined. So I was doomed to a mediocre grade.

Timelines – Why must I draw a line that branches out? There was never enough space to write the events. Couldn’t I just write it out normally?

The run through hell – I grew up in Southern California and heat was a fact of life. We even had a thing called smog alert days that meant we couldn’t be outside. But there were days when the smog level was ‘acceptable’ and running a makeshift track was required. ‘Acceptable’ my ass! It was hot, awful and exhausting.

Brown paper bag book cover – It looked great at first, but after a month in my torn backpack it was toast. And I had no gift for decorating it.

Joint projects with an ‘assigned’ classmate – I was cursed with stupid, lazy project partners. I did all the work and my partner quoted a few keynotes. Result was predictable. We both got good grades.

Book reports – I love books. I always have. What I hate are bullshit writers. Not always but sometimes a book was assigned to me. If it was crap writing the report was like pulling a blade from my stomach.

History – I am a great lover of history. Thorough and complete history. So when certain unsavory facts about American history were omitted by my teachers and text books, I fervently protested. My teachers refused to debate this openly. So I was sent to the dean’s or principal’s office often.

I was a raging liberal before I ever hit puberty. I cared little for proper ladylike behavior. Justice, guts and stick-it-to-the-man blood coursed through my veins. In contrast, school was a conservative shoe on my back.  I hope teachers today cherish the off-kilter kids. They’re gems in the rough.

More questions being thrown out into a laughing void. I hope it doesn’t spit it back at me.

Why do people pay a lot of money for tanning beds only to come out orange and get melanoma ? The sun is free, you won’t come out orange and you won’t have to pay for melanoma.

Why do first time dates end up in unprotected sex? STDs and pregnancies still exist people!

Why do people with $50,000 incomes qualify for $500,000 home loans?

Why do people keep on re-electing politicians  that are old enough to collect Social Security and refuse to keep their elderly parents in their own house? Parents are a bother, but you can trust a 80-year-old millionaire with ratifying laws?!

Why do people spend thousands on their wedding and spend no time on learning how to keep a marriage strong?

Why do parents use their kids as pawns during divorces. Is civility for your child’s parent too much to ask for? This parenting situation started with a couple of flirting adults. Your dance on their dime, grown-ups!

Why do teachers earn such a small salary? They are the building blocks of society. They educate our kids academically and socially. They deserve better.

Why are cops becoming as mean as schoolyard bullies to your average citizen? Serve and protect not cuss and scream! Would it kill them to smile a little bit and be approachable?

Why do people complain about the world and do nothing to change it? Don’t tell me you hate taxes and immigration policy but never vote!

Why do people judge incessantly when they know they’re not innocent? Yes, I’m guilty of this. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.