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As a young girl growing up the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of L.A. I dreamt of travel to interesting places. I was sure that I would never see my fantasy locations given my background.

Nonetheless, I sought out photos of New York and the Hawaiian islands. I interrogated anyone that every went there and the typical oohs and aahs followed.  

As I immersed myself in books (encyclopedias) I found my list expanding to Australia, Egypt, Cuba, UK and France. The world in general became more real to me at a young age.

So I sought out libraries, museums and gardens. My mother took me to the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA They had a Japanese garden that transported my mind to beautiful classic Japan.

I actually developed a crush on King Tut and the very fictional Aladdin. It’s funny how a child’s mind works. I wonder if kids ever think this way.

When I met my husband in 1999 he took me to New York to meet his parents. I was an 8 years-old in a 39 year-old’s body for a few days. Less than a year later we were on our honeymoon in Maui.

I got to see the twin towers from the top of the Empire State building before the horror of 9/11. I got to touch a banyan tree that was living like a forest. A few years ago, we went to the island of Kauai and saw the Pacific’s mini Grand Canyon and took a boat ride on Hawaii’s only navigable river.

The 8 year-old me could never fathom such treasures in the world. I hope there are kids of all ages that feel the way I do. This way of thinking fosters wonderment, tolerance, joy and concern for the world. We all need that to avoid living in a self-imposed jail. 






The great Peter O’Toole’s response to questions in heaven.

I can’t make out if you’re a bloody madman or just half-witted. – St. Peter

I have the same problem, sir.

What do you think should be done with Guantanamo? – Edward R. Murrow

No prisoners! No prisoners!

There are rumors that you are gay. Will you now confirm or deny? – Sigmund Freud

My good man, what I choose to do with my schlong is my business!

Your works as a renown actor will be your legacy. – William Shakespeare

Damn you! I’m not an actor, I’m a movie star!

You’re plastered ? – Marilyn Monroe

So are some of the finest erections in Europe!

Lately, I’ve been internalizing a lot of the wrong that occurs in the world. This isn’t good since I can’t fix the world. My disgust is rather pointless. Plus, it’s harmful to me.

So, I’m going to reflect on the wonderful things I’ve witnessed in my life. Even now, I am astonished at how or why I was able to experience such beauty.  My start in life was poverty and it stayed that way for most of my life.

That said, anything that was free and beautiful in Los Angeles was experienced by me. My mother made sure of that. I went to museums, rose gardens, Japanese gardens, tide pools on the beach and lovely parks.

My first real opera was Georges Bizet’s Carmen. I was in awe of Carmen, of course. After the opera, the actors/singers joined the patrons.

Without even thinking, I rushed up to the lead mezzo-soprano who played Carmen and told her she was beautiful and amazing. My mother came behind me and apologized for my rudeness.

My opera goddess gave me a hug and a kiss. Then she proceeded to introduce me to the cast. I was dizzy with sensory overload. I was between 8 and 10 years old when this glorious event occurred.

I have been to several museums in my life and most have truly humbled me. Still, there is just one painting at The Getty Center in Los Angeles at connects with me deeply.

Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn by Franz Winterhalter is a bold and brazen portrait of a woman in charge. Sadly, the Getty won’t let me publicize it. So click to the link below.

I have always loved history, preferably world history. My childish mental time travel reached back to medieval Europe and ancient Egypt, Rome and Greek.

I saw museum artifacts as physical bits of history. The thought of objects surviving hundreds of years amazes me to this day. Man can create wonderful things and just as easily destroy it.

Thankfully, there are places in the world that live on genuine kindness, joy and peace. I have been to places in Mexico, Hawaii and elsewhere that reaffirm my faith in humanity. I think that is worth more than all the museums combined.




Tune Up

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It occurred to me the other day that my life has its own soundtrack. I tried really hard to remember what it was when I was very young.

My nursery rhymes were in Spanish: Pimpón, Las Mañanitas and Agua De Melon made me giggle and sing. When my mother ran her fingers through my hair and sang, it was heaven.

Low-rider Chevy Impalas always had La Cucaracha for a horn and of course Low rider from War playing.  Throw in the gratuitous Guadalajara from a Mariachi band.

My pre-teen years were spotted with a lot of music!  Classical music at first put me to sleep. Later my mind fell in love with Chopin and Mozart. I would dream of going back in time and marrying Mozart. Hey, I was a kid.

Like every red-blooded American teenage girl, rock was king! The Police, Genesis, The B-52s, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees, The Eagles  and so much more. When I felt dark Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield or Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit did it for me. If I was feeling crazy weird Cyndi Lauper, The Eurhythmics or Oingo Boingo did the trick or at least distracted me.

I was never a big Madonna fan. The kings of my heart were Duran Duran from England. They looked so hot. Of course, I had my favorite (Simon Le Bon) .  I swear I was super geeked out every time I saw them on MTV.

My music as an adult is a potpourri of humanity. I appreciate all types of artist young and old, foreign and domestic, rockers and crooners … everything that isn’t self-serving garbage! I’m 44 years old and Simon Le Bon hasn’t made the cut in decades.

It’s that time again. I’m itching to make another list. The topic? Things I love. Things not people. The people I love already know it and love me back. So what constitutes things ? Generalized life stuff basically.

I love social media: Facebook, YouTube, Bing and of course WordPress. Besides staying in touch, you find the funniest, most moronic people on the planet!

I love my car! As a former public transportation malcontent, I love my car like I love writing … A LOT! Should anyone steal my car and I find them, I will torture them in ways unknown to even Satan.

I love my cell phone. If I lose it or go for more than 5 minutes without it, I go into a techno-seizure!

I love my iPod. It’s my mini computer/music master. It’s the nicest gift my husband ever gave me.

I love my home! My husband and I have our own offices and bathrooms! We have a gate lined with rose bushes. Best of all, no carpet! Just lovely hardwood floors and tiles.

I love a good party! People should hug everyone, speak loudly, cuss, make unfettered jokes, be super laid back and have a good time.  And yes, I’ve been to a few.

I love meeting people from all over (in and outside the U.S.) and learning about their lives. We can all be better humans if we just shut up, sit and listen.

I love books. More to the point, I love honest books about the world and history. They can be hard to find sometimes, but when I find them I’m glad.

I love the arts. Museums are like living vessels of exquisite history to me. Music and dance is proof that God and humans partner beautifully.

I love that my mind has permitted me to write this post. I’m surprise I was able to actually complete it.