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Yes, I live awkwardly

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Health, Life
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Sheepishly, I return to my blogger-istic mentality and PC. I am stuck in a biomechanical and anxiously stubborn status. And its been impossible to actually sit at the desk comfortably.

I refer to my knee of course. It is in fact an imperfect 3 inch scar that mocks me by looking up at me daily. I try to minimize its glare with my nightly ritual – Mederma scar cream. I see little change but others say it’s changing. So I am dutiful. Damn it.

My knee replacement surgery was on August 11. Never in my life have I been in so much pain and nausea (anesthesia and pain pills). I of course had a massive meltdown. Fortunately, my husband got me through it.

The first few weeks was rough. Everything hurt. I yelled at my husband. I was afraid to leave the house. Bathing was an ordeal I tried to avoid as much as possible. I was like a 7 year old boy trying to convince his mother he didn’t smell bad.

I got better and then I got a brand new and annoying walker. It’s clunky, noisy and generates much sympathy. But that was then and this is now. Today I have a very stylish cane with a blue and black design.

I have been dubbed the favorite patient by my physical therapist. I do my exercises. I walk the treadmill for 10 minutes. I ride the stationary bike for 7 minutes. It’s a big deal because for 2 months I could not do a complete rotation on the bike. Today, I’m like Lance Armstrong minus the juice.

I’m not 100% but my PT and surgeon like my progress. My X-rays look good. I’m able to drive, use the toilet without a commode and basically live.

My new awful problem to tackle is shopping. How am I gonna get any shopping done? I can’t walk for more than 10 minutes and I can’t take the Norco (pain med) until I’m home.