Fall Back

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Life, Men, sex, Society, women

It always amazes me how fickle and manipulative women can be. Yes, I include myself in this circle. Why do guys follow their unfair lead? I see examples of these traits everywhere and especially in nail salons.

If intellect and logic don’t work try whining, cleavage or sexual pouting. Women learn early that men are mostly penis and the hint of sex is enough to sway them.

When I was in middle school and high school I used this advantage on my male teachers. Not liking your grades? There’s an app for that!  It was all covertly flirtatious and harmless on the surface. I knew it was wrong, but it worked.

My mother often drove her kids from Los Angeles to Torreon, Mexico in a VW Rabbit. It would overheat quite a bit. She would hail down a truck driver and pout while saying ” Oh my goodness. What will I do”.  Driver goes into rescue mode and my mom dubs him her savior.

I know a girl who was stringing a guy along (no sex) and getting him to buy her anything for years. And yes, she had a boyfriend she was screwing at the same time. What did puppy dog get? He got a face full of huge boobs and being the eternal butt of her insulting jokes.

Maybe this is why women in the middle east are required to cover everything but their eyes. The men don’t want to get played. I’ve seen many beautiful Arab and Persian women. The guys wouldn’t stand a chance. 

I realize that everyone uses their assets consciously and unconsciously, I guess I resent the overt and repetitive way some women always rely on such tactics. You’re bright! Why play the dumb booby blond girl? And guys need to look at eyes more often.





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