Our Love Hate Story

Posted: July 5, 2014 in America, History, Politics, Race, Society
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So this is the end the 4th of July 2014 and I’ve been thinking all day what it means to be a patriot. And no, I am not talking about the New England Patriots.

If you wave the flag, eat hot dogs, watch the fireworks and repeatedly shout USA does that mean you’re proud to be an American? Don’t sing that song please. I love it too, but I’m trying to make a point here.

I think that being a true patriot means being real about your country. I, by the way, love my country. I was born and raised here. And I thank God that I was granted that good fortune.

That said, I will not place America on a Virgin Mary pedestal. She is not beyond reproach by any stretch of the imagination. And I resent those that try to sell that sentimental propaganda.

When I say that I love my country I am referring to the people. I mean the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, documented, undocumented, English speaking and otherwise people. This country belongs to the world for better or for worse.

America is the world! The world goes to America. This is a fact. That sushi you love so much doesn’t come from a guy named Joe who hails from Hoboken. So you fear the terrorist but must have your Friday night falafel and kabobs. Where’s the logic?

Lets talk about terrorism. When you get kidnapped, raped, beaten, chained to a ship for 6 months and forced to work for the rest of your life without pay or security wouldn’t you be terrified? Then of course we have the real natives, but it’s okay because of a catchy phrase – manifest destiny.

Manifest Destiny: historical expansionist doctrine: the doctrine or belief prevalent in the 19th century that the United States had the God-given right to expand into and possess the whole of the North American continent.

Okay brown people (i.e. Mexicans and native Americans) we had a talk with the man upstairs and He wants you guys to get out of our way. But who will clean your houses, mow your lawn, pick your fruit and nurse your babies, Senor? Yes, I’m a Latina.

What do I love about my country? I love the bravery, innovation, humanity and artistic beauty that flourishes here. I love that we can grow from our mistakes. And every now and then, the little guy topples the giant as CNN, MSNBC and Twitter run the story.

My beloved country is good, bad, brilliant, stupid, just and corrupt as hell. And I am allowed and encouraged to say it in a global forum – this blog. God bless American. May she always be perfectly flawed.





  1. Your writing here is very easy to follow while still delivering deep insights and using colorful language. I really enjoyed the humor in this post. It supplemented your writing without straying from the topic. Well done!


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