Beneath Us

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Life, mental health, Society
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I have found the key to global peace and optimum humanity. Its been right under everyone’s nose for ages. It’s .. wait for it, wait for it, our beds!

You may laugh and/or scoff, but its true. My new mattress arrived yesterday and I slept for nine glorious hours. I woke up feeling great. No lower back pain. No racing thoughts. No complaints.

I think every political, industrial and social leader should be required to sleep at least eight hours on a high quality mattress.

And the bed must be made up with clean, cool, luxurious sheets and pillow cases. The last vital element to this formula is simple. The sleeper must take a bath or shower prior to going to bed.

Your body and mind must rest properly everyday. Lousy sleep is one reason why people get angry, irrational, confused and depressed. People have been known to get psychotic due to lack of sleep.

Taking copious amounts of booze and drugs are not proper substitutes either. It hinders and never helps. Just relax, lie down and focus on the loving, nonjudgmental, nocturnal haven. You’ll be doing the world a favor.



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