Academic Chores

Posted: June 13, 2014 in America, Children, History, Life, Society
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When I was a kid there were academic chores that I loathed. Adulthood for me was a divorce from such chores. Who came up with such ideas? I hope today’s kids aren’t plagued with such tasks.

Diorama – The bane of my existence. I was never artistically inclined. So I was doomed to a mediocre grade.

Timelines – Why must I draw a line that branches out? There was never enough space to write the events. Couldn’t I just write it out normally?

The run through hell – I grew up in Southern California and heat was a fact of life. We even had a thing called smog alert days that meant we couldn’t be outside. But there were days when the smog level was ‘acceptable’ and running a makeshift track was required. ‘Acceptable’ my ass! It was hot, awful and exhausting.

Brown paper bag book cover – It looked great at first, but after a month in my torn backpack it was toast. And I had no gift for decorating it.

Joint projects with an ‘assigned’ classmate – I was cursed with stupid, lazy project partners. I did all the work and my partner quoted a few keynotes. Result was predictable. We both got good grades.

Book reports – I love books. I always have. What I hate are bullshit writers. Not always but sometimes a book was assigned to me. If it was crap writing the report was like pulling a blade from my stomach.

History – I am a great lover of history. Thorough and complete history. So when certain unsavory facts about American history were omitted by my teachers and text books, I fervently protested. My teachers refused to debate this openly. So I was sent to the dean’s or principal’s office often.

I was a raging liberal before I ever hit puberty. I cared little for proper ladylike behavior. Justice, guts and stick-it-to-the-man blood coursed through my veins. In contrast, school was a conservative shoe on my back.  I hope teachers today cherish the off-kilter kids. They’re gems in the rough.

  1. Becky Bee says:

    Brilliant post. Made me smile, anyway.


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