My dream of debating rednecks, Tea Party disciples, Republicans and Duck Dynasty fanatics arrogant to say the least. Say what you will, but it’s my blog.

Illegals are ruining our country and taking our jobs! I find it hilarious you say that while inhaling a tamale.

I love fracking because I got paid real good. What good it money if the earth is eating your house?

I want the government out of my life! So you hate the federally employed mailman that brings you your social security check?

America takes care of their own through military spending. I guess you didn’t see that homeless vet peeing outside the VA.

I need all my guns and ammo in case I need to defend my home. Defend it from who? Al-Qaida isn’t going to fly thousand of miles to raid you refrigerator for beer, pork rinds and a bloody deer head.

Benghazi should never have happened! Invading Iraq without ever finding WMDs, Katrina’s massive screw-up, Columbine, the death of thousands of black citizens and the pointless war on drugs should never have happened.

Welfare people sure are fat and lazy. They’re obese because the are addicted to high sugar, processed food. It’s all they can afford. They’re lazy because of mental illness caused by obesity and isolation. Who would want to live like this voluntarily?



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