Food For The Void

Posted: June 7, 2014 in America, Children, Life, Love, Politics, Race, sex, Society
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More questions being thrown out into a laughing void. I hope it doesn’t spit it back at me.

Why do people pay a lot of money for tanning beds only to come out orange and get melanoma ? The sun is free, you won’t come out orange and you won’t have to pay for melanoma.

Why do first time dates end up in unprotected sex? STDs and pregnancies still exist people!

Why do people with $50,000 incomes qualify for $500,000 home loans?

Why do people keep on re-electing politicians  that are old enough to collect Social Security and refuse to keep their elderly parents in their own house? Parents are a bother, but you can trust a 80-year-old millionaire with ratifying laws?!

Why do people spend thousands on their wedding and spend no time on learning how to keep a marriage strong?

Why do parents use their kids as pawns during divorces. Is civility for your child’s parent too much to ask for? This parenting situation started with a couple of flirting adults. Your dance on their dime, grown-ups!

Why do teachers earn such a small salary? They are the building blocks of society. They educate our kids academically and socially. They deserve better.

Why are cops becoming as mean as schoolyard bullies to your average citizen? Serve and protect not cuss and scream! Would it kill them to smile a little bit and be approachable?

Why do people complain about the world and do nothing to change it? Don’t tell me you hate taxes and immigration policy but never vote!

Why do people judge incessantly when they know they’re not innocent? Yes, I’m guilty of this. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.





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