Don’t And Shouldn’t

Posted: June 1, 2014 in America, Children, Family, Jokes, Life, Politics, Race, Society
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I have a few prejudices. I suppose that makes me a bit more human. I think there are prerequisites that people should meet in various situations. Here’s a few examples.

Don’t ever drive if you’re afraid of making a left turn with a green arrow and cars honking behind you.

You shouldn’t ever cook if you ignore expirations dates and like experimenting with spices.

Don’t even think of going to college if you all you want is to get high, drunk and laid. You can do that anywhere and save yourself $50,000.

You are a lousy parent if your child keeps totaling the brand new cars you supply. If you’re more concerned with being a cool parent then tie your tubes or get a vasectomy.

You shouldn’t live in my country if you don’t like minorities. Try Greenland. I’ll send you a nice case of beef jerky.

You shouldn’t be allowed to run for office if you can’t stand up to the NRA, Wall Street, Grover Norquist, the media and your constituents. If all you are is a rubber stamp go work for FedEx.

If you like to bring your baby to the movies start watching DVDs. My tickets are expensive and DVDs are free if you get them from the public library.

If you use words without knowing the definition or correct spelling please don’t write with anything stronger than a crayon.

If you are not a scientist or failed science in high school don’t become a politician or voter. Eat your BBQ turkey leg while watching ESPN in your Lazy Boy. It’s safer that way.








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