A lot of celebrities and public figures have been caught on tape making vile comments. It is not uncommon for people of power, influence or wealth try to defend themselves from being labeled a bigot or racist. A positive image has to be maintained at all costs.

I tend to think that their handlers (PR, managers and lawyers) are advising them poorly. The common argument is that they made a stupid statement or it was taken out of context.

No one likes that. You’re a millionaire! I promise, you will bounce back.  Own your shortcomings, sincerely apologize, make a generous donation and embrace your punishment.

I wish people who made racial slurs or terrorized me in my life would have the guts to apologize and change.  Here’s a list of a few hateful and/or questionable utterances.

Mexicans are good cleaners, but they smell awful. So don’t let them sit on your furniture – Said in front of my mother by a white woman she served in a senor center cafeteria .

You would look so much prettier if you didn’t get so dark. Stay out of the sun – My abuelita (grandmother).

You got a problem with da sistas? Why don’t you leave the brothas alone, beaner bitch? – Black girl on the bus berating me and my black boyfriend during mid-80s.

You’re a coconut. Brown on the outside. White on the inside – My Whittier Chola cousin thought I spoke too white. This statement is the genesis of coconutspeak.

Are you mixed, Armenian, Jewish, Cuban? So what are you? – This was asked of me by many schoolmates. There were only a handful of Latinos in my school and none owned who they were. Late 70s – mid-80s.

I lived with a bigot for most of my life. She’s my mother. She got over it and developed strong ties with women of many races, religions and cultures.

I have been beaten by blacks, latinos and whites. Gangsters from various races scare the hell out of me. That said, I was friendly to many of them as a child.

Change is possible when you are sincere. If you’re not sincere, live with your poison. No one will care about you and perhaps you really want it that way.



  1. The Howling Fantogs says:

    This just made me really angry. Why do people like this even exist?


  2. coconutspeak says:

    They exist because they were raised improperly. If you are raised in a vacuum, mentally abused and never develop healthy relationships with other ethnic groups you may become a bigot or hatemonger.


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