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A lot of celebrities and public figures have been caught on tape making vile comments. It is not uncommon for people of power, influence or wealth try to defend themselves from being labeled a bigot or racist. A positive image has to be maintained at all costs.

I tend to think that their handlers (PR, managers and lawyers) are advising them poorly. The common argument is that they made a stupid statement or it was taken out of context.

No one likes that. You’re a millionaire! I promise, you will bounce back.  Own your shortcomings, sincerely apologize, make a generous donation and embrace your punishment.

I wish people who made racial slurs or terrorized me in my life would have the guts to apologize and change.  Here’s a list of a few hateful and/or questionable utterances.

Mexicans are good cleaners, but they smell awful. So don’t let them sit on your furniture – Said in front of my mother by a white woman she served in a senor center cafeteria .

You would look so much prettier if you didn’t get so dark. Stay out of the sun – My abuelita (grandmother).

You got a problem with da sistas? Why don’t you leave the brothas alone, beaner bitch? – Black girl on the bus berating me and my black boyfriend during mid-80s.

You’re a coconut. Brown on the outside. White on the inside – My Whittier Chola cousin thought I spoke too white. This statement is the genesis of coconutspeak.

Are you mixed, Armenian, Jewish, Cuban? So what are you? – This was asked of me by many schoolmates. There were only a handful of Latinos in my school and none owned who they were. Late 70s – mid-80s.

I lived with a bigot for most of my life. She’s my mother. She got over it and developed strong ties with women of many races, religions and cultures.

I have been beaten by blacks, latinos and whites. Gangsters from various races scare the hell out of me. That said, I was friendly to many of them as a child.

Change is possible when you are sincere. If you’re not sincere, live with your poison. No one will care about you and perhaps you really want it that way.




Please be advised that I am not a lawyer. I speak only for myself. I am bipolar and I am 100% responsible for my behavior. Should I commit a crime I should be treated like anybody else.

This epidemic of mentally ill people getting off because of their condition pisses me off. Bipolars, schizophrenics and the depressed do not have a license to kill or rape. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere and have never seen civilization you are responsible.

Many mental patients don’t take their meds because of how it makes them feel. I include myself in this group. That said, I knew I had a responsibility to myself and others. I went back on my meds and that was my choice.

Life is about choices. You choose the behavior. You must accept the consequences. Short of a damaged brain from disease or trauma, try all defendants the same way. Not guilty by mental disease or defect cannot be an absolute excuse.

If a woman is traumatized due to any type of assault and kills the perpetrator (savagely or not) she is legitimately justified. He started the series of events and she ended it. She never killed before him and now she had to survive.

Unless you’re catatonic you know exactly who you are and where your urges take you. Example:  Drug addicts – Stay away from users and dealers. Convicted sex offenders – Stay away from parks, schools, Chucky Cheese and basically all places with kids. 

You have to be responsible. Period! If you hear voices tell your doctor. Tell anyone, immediately! Someone will help you if you are forthcoming and diligent. Your pride? Screw pride! Saving yourself and others trumps pride everyday and twice on Sunday.


The Price

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Every now and again I think about life. I think about the price we all pay for living (or not living) the way we want.  I doubt that most people really think about such things.

Young lovers have a baby. They want to keep the baby. Young dad gets a job, gets drunk, fights with baby’s momma …. everything goes to hell. It’s a sad cliché, but there are worse things. Wealth is worse.

When one is wealthy one worries a lot. Security – money, property, gold diggers and who’s going to sue you next! Your mansion becomes a fortress. Therefore making everyone who lives in it a prisoner.

What do prisoners do when they get out of jail? Everything wrong, scandalous and destructive. Then you go through the merry-go-round rehab ride. I know, but it might happen.

What if your wealth is based on a legal but immoral policy? What if your stellar employees have to work a second or third job to make ends meet? It’s the elephant in the board room that everyone’s afraid to talk about. And you join in the silence.

A badly needed raise is explained away in your Christian head. But you know it will not effect your lifestyle in any way, shape or form. Why do you act like this and then criticize how the poor live. Why?

And in the end your slightly unstable relatives will get the lion share of your money. A few charities will be lucky to get some. Perhaps your servants will be blessed with your table scraps. In less than a year after your death no one will utter your name. I could be wrong, but does it happen?

I have always known what financial class I’d like to be in. Middle class to barely rich would suit me fine. No mansions, servants,  exotic cars, high-end shopping or first class travel for me.

I want two cars, one rugged and one adorable. I want a quaint cozy home. I want a housekeeper that works side by side with me. I will be kind, affectionate and respectful to her. And I will absolutely be there for her.

When I travel it will be modestly. Eat and hang out with the locals. This is the way we should be. HUMAN. My religion is Non-judgment Christian with an itch for humanity.  Fortunately I have a loving husband who’s on board with my philosophy.

Wealth isn’t always a bad thing, of course. I guess I just hear things on CNN, MSNBC and all those other letters vying for my attention. Greed is a cancer, virus, plague delivered in a shit bomb. Head for your Eddie Bauer / LL Bean designed bunker!