Stick It To The Man

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Fun, Health, Jokes, Life, Society
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Just a few funny things to say when quitting a vile job.

1. I got a great, less stressful job that involves much less shit – sewage worker.

2. My new boss is so much nicer than you. Satan.

3. Don’t worry. I’m sure you can find my replacement at the morgue.

4. I’m quitting my job and taking yours. I found the Cayman island bank account and the corpse in your closet. Enjoy prison!

5. I won the lottery, slept with your wife, mother and father! How you like them apples?

6. Here’s the monkey to replace me. He flings feces everywhere but I’m sure you can train him to do my job.

7. Cough, cough. I’m going on permanent disability. I got the bubonic plague and leprosy. Cough.

8. Got a great new job! I own this company and you’re fired!

9.  Got a new job with the IRS. You’re being audited for the past 20 years. I told you to save your receipts.

10. I’ll be making hardly anything as an intern, which is more money than I got here. By the way, all three of your wives know about each other.


  1. belsbror says:

    Revenge is sweet. 🙂


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