The Funny End

Posted: February 18, 2014 in America, Fun, Jokes, Life, Love, sex, Society
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Just a few things to say when you want to break up. Your ex might even giggle.

1. You want to break up with me because I can’t swim? Yes, that and you have green skin and live with an army of flying monkeys!

2. I have to go! You actually like John Boehner!

3. It can’t possibly work. You hate Downton Abbey.

4. Engagement is off! I refuse to wear a camouflage gown!

5. Your little Twilight games are making me anemic and I’m scared of oral sex now.

6. Three reasons why I have to go: you were sober, it was a Shetland pony and my family saw it on YouTube.

7. The toilet paper roll goes over, not under! And you slept with my best friend.

8. Whatever you said in confession made the father give up the priesthood!

9.  Because your bachelor party started at The Bellagio and ended in a Turkish prison.

10. Why? You’re a Starbucks barista with a Harvard law degree and you’re 40!  Good enough for ya?

  1. belsbror says:

    (laughs) I just hope the other part of the pair has some sense of humor. 🙂


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