To The Bitter End

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Fun, Jokes, Society
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So Father Time came knocking at my door late last night. Begging for some First Aid. He was badly bruised and bleeding.  He said 2013 was in total hysterics and was apparently afraid of dying.

FT explained to him that he much march on. Then 2013 punched him repeatedly in the face, gut and you-know-where. As soon as people saw two senor citizens violently fighting, they came to the rescue.

2013 told the crowd that if FT marches on, they’ll have to pay their taxes soon. The mob turned on FT. Then the cops broke up the melee and shot 2013.

I asked FT why he didn’t go to the hospital. FT said that he would have to wait an eternity to be seen and he knows exactly how tortuously boring that is.

  1. thehowlingfantogs says:

    I love the way you look at things :0)


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