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There are certain things in the world that insist on being immortal. As a child, I believed that the world would change for the better by the time I was an adult. I was an optimistic child, therefore completely naïve.

I thought that love would end racism, homophobia and pretty much any other form of prejudice. To this day, when I see friendships or romance between different races and cultures (especially those from the south) I feel especially happy. Why is this?

We have our first black president. We have many people of color in positions of leadership in various areas of society. The ‘N’ word and other racial slurs are socially unacceptable. It can even get you fired or make you lose millions in endorsements.

So why is it that I think of race when I see various interracial socializing? Perhaps because my childhood and teenage years was affected by race. The issue of race was everywhere (even within my own people).

Up until the age of 7 or 8 I lived in East Los Angeles. I never saw a black person until we left East L.A. I loved and hated my fellow Latinos. I saw Vatos as dirty, smelly, thuggish drunks. I was repulsed so much that I vowed never to be with a Latino regardless of his station in life.

As a child in Pasadena, I was initially repulsed by blacks and middle eastern children. They were tough, stand-offish and I didn’t like their looks either. I thought of them as monsters. It’s very difficult to admit that now.

Love changed me. A black girl protecting me from mean girls erased my bigotry. When more friends treated me as their equal, my bigotry was replaced with affection. Even bullies of various races couldn’t make me revert back to my old way of thinking.

I figured that racism, bigotry and all prejudices are all just cover stories. At the end of the day, its fear. Its fear of what  family, friends or anyone in your life will think. It’s also fear of change and making yourself vulnerable to something different.

At the end of the Civil War, former slave owners were convinced that the slaves would rise up and murder them. It didn’t happen because revenge wasn’t an issue for the slaves. After hundreds of years of rape, torture, murder and imprisonment, slaves just wanted their freedom to leave, stay, learn to read and not be beaten.

So why were black people lynched? One: Whites couldn’t stand the thought of blacks being equal to them or worse, better than them. Two: Whites continued to expect the worst from blacks and blacks refused to oblige them.

This is just my opinion. Two African-Americans girlfriends stood up with me on my wedding day. I love them like crazy. My love for them will not end social hatred, but that won’t stop me from loving them and all good people.


Some time ago, I posted about a movie titled This is the end. It was homoerotic, Biblical, Satanic and hilarious! It was the Apocalypse meets Animal House.

Jonah Hill (while playing himself) gets raped by a well endowed demon. He then reenacts The Exorcist in a very comical and vulgar way.

Well, I just got back from seeing The Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio and the ever so innocent Jonah Hill.  After playing himself as a sexually risqué evil bottom, Jonah took me (and other movie goers) on another ride.

I was warned that the movie was soft porn. I think soft porn gets a bad rap in this case.  I feel like I’ve seen more naked women than Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and Ron Jeremy combined.

Plus the fact that sweet innocent Jonah exposes a huge penis. I actually think that it wasn’t really ‘his’. The penis in the closing scene of Boogie Nights wasn’t real.

Anyway, The Wolf Of Wall Street has all the elements of the 80s. Plenty of hedonism, expensive toys, money worship and drugs galore.

I think it’s good to remember that with all the luxurious ‘stuff’ attained was pointless because it was never enough. In this class of Debauchery 101 all the sex and drug addiction gets to be really, truly sad.

It was depressing to watch. It actually made me cringe. I felt like I had to take a 5 hour shower. Well, that’s how it was for me anyway.

To The Bitter End

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So Father Time came knocking at my door late last night. Begging for some First Aid. He was badly bruised and bleeding.  He said 2013 was in total hysterics and was apparently afraid of dying.

FT explained to him that he much march on. Then 2013 punched him repeatedly in the face, gut and you-know-where. As soon as people saw two senor citizens violently fighting, they came to the rescue.

2013 told the crowd that if FT marches on, they’ll have to pay their taxes soon. The mob turned on FT. Then the cops broke up the melee and shot 2013.

I asked FT why he didn’t go to the hospital. FT said that he would have to wait an eternity to be seen and he knows exactly how tortuously boring that is.