Both Sides Hurt

Posted: December 9, 2013 in America, Fun, Jokes, Life, Politics, Race, Society
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A fictional repartee between blue and red folks. This Latina Democrat from California will try to be impartial.

You can pry my gun away from my cold dead hand. Excellent. I’m sure you enjoyed that beer I poisoned.

Is there no Wi-Fi or cell reception in this God forsaken town? You in trouble? Yes, I am. Try using a landline phone, genius!

All that race mixing is gonna produce confused children. Your kids have siblings for parents. I guarantee, they’re confused!

I hate terrorist so much! Oh, yeah? Why? TSA is too poor to look through my Louis Vuitton and Coach! Damn Al Qaeda!

I’m as smart as you are, Yankee! How is that possible? My family tree actually branches out.

I’m adopting a baby. Someone one that looks like you? Hello, Africa! There’s plenty white ones right here. Angelina Jolie babies are all the rage!

I refuse to go to French restaurant. Can’t stand their uppity menu! It’s a diner that has french toast and french fries, you moron!

My car won’t start. I need a tow. What’s the problem? It just died on me. You have no gas! Well, there’s no full service stations around here!

There is one Republican president that I like. There ya go! Who? Abraham Lincoln, he freed the slaves and killed your economy.


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