Ladies And Gentlemen …. Please

Posted: December 6, 2013 in America, Friendship, Life, Love, Men, sex, Society, women
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I’m in a very preachy mood. So if it you don’t want to hear it (or read it), move on to something else. I won’t be offended. The bee in my bonnet today is how women and men behave in alleged relationships.  So here are the guidelines:

Ladies, first –

Stop belittling or berating your man! I know you think its all in good fun, but it’s not. Making your man feel like a loser in front of anybody is not cool. Period.

Stop using sex to get things from the mall, online or your hair done. If he doesn’t have the money, don’t make him use his credit card, parents or buddies.

Stop flirting with every man he knows or doesn’t know. You know you do it. I’ve seen girls flirt with their boyfriends’ fathers. Shame on you!

Do not have sex with another guy to punish your man for cheating. Just break up with him. I mean really break up with him. No Facebook, tweeting, texting, blogging, calls or driving by his house. Just move on.

Your turn, guys

Do not move in with her. Unless you’re engaged (that means a ring on her finger and date set), you do not need to live with her. Dating and living together are worlds apart.

If you lost your job, owe money to the IRS, have bad credit or a criminal record, do not hide it from her. Your lies will only get bigger and it will blow up in your face. Besides, honesty and trust is a byproduct of love.

If you think she’s cheating on you, break up.  No Facebook, tweeting, texting, blogging, calls or driving by her house. Just move on. Yup. Same as the ladies.

If you don’t love her anymore, say so. If she can’t handle being your friend, leave her alone. It’s her choice not yours.

If your buddies have terms like bros before hoes when referring to you girlfriend, they’re not your friends. They’re guys who don’t want you in a happily committed relationship. Never let anyone disrespect your lady.

Something to think about people. Please grow up. You will not be young forever.

  1. thehowlingfantogs says:

    About anyone in particular?


  2. Howisbradley says:

    Great post. Everything you said is too and you made me laugh at the same time.


  3. 2goldenbirds says:

    haha! you’re a joker


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