Too Introspective?

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Bipolar, Family, Life, Society, Travel, Uncategorized, writing
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I’m one of those people who like to observe and report. I report to myself, this blog, my loved ones and even strangers. In doing this, I keep this observe and report wheel going.

If you’ve followed my blog you know I talk about myself quite a bit. I do this for therapy, vanity, attention and in hopes that I will fill my own void (once I find that damn void).

Right now, my question to my subject is : Who are you? My subject is me, of course. Who am I ? I am so many things to many people.

I look deep into myself and ask a shitty question. Who am I to myself? What role do I play in my own life? Too introspective? Probably, but I’m in that mood again.

Do I let things happen to me or am I the driving force? I am the driving force when I harness the energy and stubbornness. When I’m weak, anyone can run over me. Is that a bipolar answer or a human one? Maybe both.

How about my core identity? Woman, Latina, bipolar, wife, daughter … lots to choose from. It’s staring me in the face. I am a writer. I am a lover of words, mine and others.

I can drop all those other titles, even though I love them. My egotistical nature drives me to want immortality. The written word doesn’t die and suits me just fine.

I write poorly, brilliantly, honestly, dishonestly, playfully and darkly. I write to survive humanity and my own wacky ideas. I write for the sake of travel. I send my words out into the world like doves. In that moment, a small part of me is teleported.

Even the old school literature is magical. Every library I’ve ever been to since I was 7 or 8 years old, has moved me. The smell of old and new books, tables, chairs and the sea of humanity claiming their spot. For me, it’s church.

This writer has written too much and gone all over the blogger’s map. That said, I’m selfishly glad.


  1. Writing about yourself is a part of discovering and getting to know yourself. Hugs


  2. Doris says:

    the best therapy, Frida kahlo painted her self and it help her, so keep writing. 😉


  3. Howisbradley says:

    I’m my favorite subject. I believe in writing to myself but in a way that others will benefit. I definitely benefit from your writing. So, for whatever reason your writing, keep it going.


  4. 2goldenbirds says:

    I’m introspective and bipolar too…I write about myself, who cares if others think it’s arrogant? It’s only cuz they’re seeing their own pride in it….I think artists that base their work on themselves are very creative


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