Posted: November 21, 2013 in America, Family, Friendship, Life, Politics, Society
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I was thinking about how different people’s perception is when it comes to financial status. In American society, I think certain criteria must be met.

If, for example, you ask a millionaire what the highest income a poor person can make, what would he say? No more than $40,000 or maybe $30,000? Or maybe he’ll say anyone receiving public assistance.

Since I have benefited from public assistance, I can say it didn’t feel like suffering. I had all my utilities, TV, radio and three meals a day. Yes, I was poor, but not really poor.

Really poor have little to no utilities, few possessions, live in constant fear and know the future is grim. Such people would love a cockroach infested ghetto apartment with a door that locks.

Any person labeled poor sees a household income of more than $30,000 per year as well off. If they own their house, they are rich.

I know that if you have a lot of things, mansion, cars, expensive trips and no real love, you are dirt poor. Yeah, I know that it sounds a little A Christmas Carol preachy.

Poverty and wealth are interchangeable (depending on your definition). Can a billionaire spend all his money in his lifetime? No. Give at least half the money to where it’s needed. Strive to be a truly invested philanthropist.

Why leave the money to heirs? So that they can sit around with mooching losers called friends? Millions of dollars in the hands of self-indulgent morons is dangerous.

Wealthy, middle class and poor all need to positively contribute to society. Before I met my husband, I dated a guy who couldn’t hold a job to save his life. His father lived well and once told me he wished I was his daughter.

Shocked, I asked why. He said because I had a job and manners. My job was a low paying office clerk job. Soon thereafter, I broke up with the loser. So the rich father admired a poor me, funny!


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