Life Is Cruel

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Fun, Health, Life, Politics
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This might be my final post, beloved readers. Perhaps I’m stretching it a bit. But dear God I feel like (insert your favorite expletive) and completely useless!

I am violently plagued by a dreadful cold! It means to kill my nose, eyes, throat and brain. Damn sinister cold! I hate it more than Republicans.

I am swimming in tea, water and cough syrup. All I can do is stay in, take my ‘cold stuff’ and grump about my crappy nails and medusa-like hair.

Argh!! I hate this so much. All year without a cold and now this had to happen! By the way, I’m bitching for a reason.

My theory is quite simple. If I bitch at a high enough frequency, the germs will get sick of me and leave! Okay, I’m a writer not a scientist.


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