Livid 2.0

Posted: October 30, 2013 in America, Children, Family, Life, Men, sex, Society, women
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I am livid to no end right now! I was running errands today. I was happy as can be. I went to the post office and then headed for Target to buy Halloween candy for the kiddies.

While I was in the lady’s room, the devil was occupying one of the stalls. She spoke loudly and said things I could not believe.

Verbatim:  I don’t care how many DNA tests come back positive. If she’s not willing to live with you, you don’t have to pay for that baby. Just pretend she doesn’t exist. I’ll get you a good lawyer, son.

I was floored, nauseous, raging mad and itching to slug her bitch face a couple of times. Don’t worry. I didn’t. I spoke up instead.

She was at the sink, washing her hands. With venom in my voice I said, shame on you.  She replied, what are you talking about?

I said, you know what I’m talking about. She replied, mind your own business. I said, you made it my business by talking loudly in a public restroom!

As I exited the restroom, I heard her say fuck you bitch. What kind of woman advises her son to treat his child and her grandchild like this?

Positive DNA tests not good enough? This is how you keep your adult son from becoming a man. Men who don’t take personal responsibility for their children’s welfare are not men. They are boys in need of a vasectomy.

As far as this grandmother of the year, she needs live in a dungeon away from humanity. She can make the rats her pets.

  1. I agree and nice post. Well done speaking up to her. -OM


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