Bully Minus The Charm … Just Kidding

Posted: October 25, 2013 in America, Children, Family, Friendship, Jokes, Life, Society
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Throughout my life, I’ve been a victim in varying degrees. I’m sure many can relate to that. I’ve posted on the topic of bullying, but I’m not sure how to label this topic. I’ll just say what it is.

Many times, I have been made the butt of various jokes. Perhaps you think it’s not a big deal. Just words, right? It’s even more acceptable if a flippant just kidding is said afterwards.

For me, it wasn’t okay. How can I be your friend, when you banter away at embarrassing moments in my life? So glad that my humiliation brings you joy!

I tried my best to be just as thoughtless in high school. I succeeded in making a few people look like fools. Then I stopped, cried and profusely apologized.  I hate being mean.

I guess what I hate most is that being slighted or picked on hurts so much now. I fear it more than getting sick (mental and physical).  Fearing it doesn’t stop me from getting angry about it.

When my brother teases his kids, I envision slapping him hard (twice) across Sir Jerk-A-Lot’s face. He verbally tortured me the same way when we were kids.

Again, what do I call this apparently time-honored tradition? You see it on YouTube and World’s Dumbest every single day and hour. Friends laughing up a storm at the other friend’s expense. My friends never went that far, by the way. They hated seeing me cry and apologized.

  1. bahelberg1 says:

    So unfortunate that you grew up in this environment! My seven siblings and I had a few moments as children, but as adults we’ve shared each other’s company joyously and love a get-together where laughter is always the main course!


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