Now that the government shutdown is over, perhaps there are a few programs that could probably be cut. This one’s for the Grover Norquist disciples of America.

Abandon Infant program – this also pays for HIV/AIDS training for the foster care system too. Just give the dead already kids  some Robitussen, have them watch TV and call it a Life, right?  As far as the rejected infants, they’re better off in heaven, right?

There are over 20 federal programs that fund child nutrition, welfare, education, health, safety and parental training. Since many pro-lifer are also Tea party gunmen, what should these women and children do?

Homeland Security – GW Bush’s birth child. It’s an elephant in the budget jungle. Screw it! We’ve got militias, NRA and beer guzzling hunters to protect us.

Center For Disease Control And Prevention – OMG, it’s the science freaks trying to scare us. If I can’t see it, it can’t hurt me! Besides, God loves His people and will protect them. Period.

Coal Miner’s Workers’ Compensation and Coal Miner’s Respiratory Impairment Treatment Clinic – Who wants to cut this one? They knew the job was dangerous when they took it, right?

Veterans Administration and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program – Cut these? I DARE YOU! I don’t care what race they are, what God they pray to or what sexual orientation applies to them. They voluntarily put on the uniform and resolved to take a bullet or bomb for our country!

911, senior housing and assisted living, homeless shelter, FEMA, drug abuse, child abuse, runaways, fish and wildlife and our beloved Social Security / MEDICARE  all suckle from the same teat.

It is impossible to live in America without using a government sponsored program. The road you drive on and the clean air you breath is there because of Washington.  Mr. Norquist’s famous line is, my goal is to cut government in half  in 25 years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub. So grab your scissors and make the government small enough to drown, right?


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