Greatly Loathe

Posted: October 18, 2013 in America, Life, Politics, Race, sex, Society, Uncategorized
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There are things that l really don’t like. Not hate, but just greatly loathe. I’m in that sort of mood to make a list. So here it goes.

Apathy permits corruption and/or poor management to flourish in life, government and society. You have no right to complain about the government if you don’t vote. Period.

Cowardice makes everyone waste their time. You won’t tell him/her how you feel because you’re afraid of rejection. May as well add you’re career to this category. Suck it up and speak already!

Submissiveness is fine for the occasional X-rated roleplaying dates. But if you’re over 18 years old and find yourself gutless, you had better nip that shit in the bud. People only have power over you if you give it to them.

Recklessness in its full glory can be dangerous and create a lifetime of problems. So stop and THINK about what you plan on doing before you do it. AIDS, pregnancy, fatal car crash and house party damage happen in throes of reckless stupidity.

Racism and/or bigotry has been around since the beginning. I have seen racist people in my life change their point of view for the better. Life experiences and my love everybody cheerleader mantra helped.

I’m not naïve to think that everyone can be cured. We probably just have to wait it out until the old racist die. I think verbally abusive people must get the message. It is not okay to demean anyone in any way. I think too many people let it slide unchecked. That has to end.


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