How-To-Make A Sociopath

Posted: October 15, 2013 in America, Children, Family, Health, Life, mental health, Politics, Race, sex, Society
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Some time ago I posted on the issue of bullying. It was well received. I didn’t think I would feel the need to re-address the issue so soon, but I do.

Bullying for me was a fact of life. Bullies came in all races, shapes and sizes. But that didn’t make me a racist or bigot. I chose not to live that way.

Today, I hear about a girl committing suicide over cyber bullying and the bully doesn’t give a fu** that she pushed her to this end! How did she get here? What occurred that made her a sociopath?

I used to think that bullies just needed to be afraid of the consequences of their actions. I not so sure now. The parents of the bully almost always get defensive and refuse to take responsibility. Can we say RED FLAG?

I find it amazing that you need a license to drive, sell something, start a business and get married, but any sloping-brow,  knuckle-dragger can have a kid!

Clearly, morals are way too high up on the evolution scale for such adults (yeah right). So maybe we can just force them (parent and bully) to sit through a four hour law orientation class conducted by cops and district attorneys.

Have them take a test. If they pass, great! If they don’t, they go to jail for the night and take a tougher test the next day. This is fair, because parents burying their kids is monumentally unfair.

There are far too many ways for people to die in America today! Babies are being left alone with soiled diapers, no proper food, crying for hours and Republicans want to ban abortion? Today’s neglected kids are tomorrow’s killers and rapists.

  1. mm172001 says:

    I agree with a lot of what you say and believe those are some of the causes in a lot of cases of bullies and/or people with psychopathic/sociopathic behavior but I also believe some people are just that way a smaller minority.
    I don’t really know why it is, but it’s not always the parents who are to blame. Some parents see the behavior and try to get the adult child/kid/teen help but are not effective for some reason. Some parents encourage the behavior in an already susceptible child. And some people are horrible parents who have kids that turn out far better than they are, with no credit to the parents.
    It’s a complicated subject and a complicated issue. But the parents, all parents, need to realize the influence they have on kids whether neglecting or enabling or god forbid…. raising them in the healthiest way and environment they can.


    • coconutspeak says:

      I see your point. I agree that a child can rise above poor parenting and an awful childhood, but their are those that don’t. I have lived in California all my life. I have seen far too many emotionally, financially and morally corrupt parents in my day. My Spanish speaking mother raised three kids while working three job. We relied on welfare for food stamps and Medi-Cal. We always had three meals a day, clean clothes and a good education. And my mother knew her kids. How many parents know their kid’s favorite subject, best friend, career goals or their clothes/shoes size? These things matter in the long run.


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