Side Of Mid-Life Crisis, Please

Posted: October 13, 2013 in America, Fun, Life, sex, Society, women
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I never understood why people went through this thing called mid-life crisis until today. I was having a late breakfast at a very bohemian, industrial eclectic café with my husband and a friend.

I saw a lot of young girls (half my age) with tattoos, bright pink hair, short shorts and rock-a-billy (more or less) attire. I imagined how cool life is for them. They were fit, sexy and quirky as hell! I was jealous. God forgive me.

I completely deleted the 20-something era of my life from my brain. All I could see were the tattoos just below the (insanely firm and round) ass cheeks! No, I’m not a lesbian or bisexual.

I have always wanted a tattoo, but the permanent aspects gave me stage fright. My idea use to be of a crescent moon and some stars on my right shoulder. Something ethereal or mystical.  But then I think about the pain involved in getting it done and cluck, cluck pops out of my mouth.

I can’t go back in time. I have no idea if I can handle a tattoo. What do I do with my silly 44 year-old brain?! I avoid that super awesome café, I guess!

  1. From another 44-year-old I’ll have a slice of that as well please;)


  2. jostynpendleton says:

    Well just remember that those teenage girls probably have not had kids, and after they do, they can say goodbye to that amazing bod.
    If your wondering about pain from a tattoo, I can tell you, it’s not that bad. Your body builds up a pain tolerance as soon as that needle sticks you a couple times.
    The way the needle works is; it must go into a certain layer of skin. In order to do that, there is penetration and slight discomfort. But the needle moves up and down constantly, putting the ink into your skin each time it goes in, and it moves quick!
    So I’d say it is more uncomfortable than painful. Stars and a moon sounds beautiful, I would just recommend going to a professional.


  3. You always wanted a tattoo? Do it. I agree that it’s more uncomfortable than out and out painful and it’s much more lasting than “insanely firm and round asscheeks.”


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