Please Be Nice

Posted: October 7, 2013 in America, Life, Society
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Okay, here’s the latest bee in my bonnet. Manners are important! Being polite, cordial, pleasant and thoughtful goes a long way. Be nice, people. It’s not that difficult. If you’re overbearing, obnoxious and rude, people will resent you …. for a very long time.

I’m aware that certain professions require a brutish persona, but when you’re off the clock … go off the clock! There are plenty of friendly DMV clerks, politicians, lawyers, cops, actors and musicians in the world! Join the club.

A very rude person I know stated that he is nice to waiters because he didn’t want the waiter to mess with his food! Why not be nice to your waiter because he is a human being? He is on his feet for hours and doesn’t make a whole lot of money.

If you have manners without having to be told, you’re ahead of the curve. Nice people are happier and enjoy the little things in life. Rude antagonists envy the attention and admiration a nice person gets.  Of course, they don’t admit to that fact.

As a very young girl walking home from school, I was forced to walk by Latino gang members. They never harmed me and even protected me from shootings by telling me to hurry home. Why did they do this? I was friendly and sweet to them voluntarily.

That said, I’m kind to everyone that is willing to receive by kindness. Those that aren’t willing get emotionally erased (except for family). So be nice, friendly, polite and courteous. The world is in short supply of nice people!

  1. brandimiller says:

    I totally agree! I see too many people be rude and nasty. I think it’s important to be kind to people, and always give them the benefit of the doubt!


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