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Posted: October 6, 2013 in America, Bipolar, Children, Health, Life, mental health
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It’s time for me to bring up a subject that is ridiculously overlooked by American society, mental illness. Bare in mind that I am on meds for my bipolar disorder. Most Americans will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. I think it’s commonality is partially to blame for our social apathy.

I’m so depressed! Snap out of it! He’s sleeping around and is going to divorce me! How? He works at home and dotes on you 24/7. I think she’s dead because she 5 minutes late. Lets go to Paris today and live off croissants and espresso. You can’t even make rent!

If you’ve had sex with someone with absolutely no limits, that person was probably bipolar or schizophrenic.  This is why they go off their meds. The meds make them feel uncool, groggy, stupid and off … big time. They’re addicted to a non-judging, distorted world and mind. Everything is preferable as long as the shame of reality is kept at bay.

So how do the normal folks see the crazies … oops mentally ill? They’re homeless, mass murderers, drug addicts, alcoholics and porn stars. Then you have the treasured basket cases: artists, musicians, actors and comedians. When I was a kid, role-playing games, video games and music was blamed for teen suicide. Stupid! All those things were a form of self medication. No one looked to see if mom and dad was to blame.

Our mental health system is deplorable! Innocent children, movie-goers and university students will continue to die from psychotic killers with an assault rifle as long as we put this issue on the back burner.

If you think you know what mental illness looks like, you don’t. It goes much deeper than shows like Homeland, Monk, Perception and Nurse Jackie. Movies like Girl Interrupted, Silver Linings Playbook, Ordinary People and As Good As It Gets is far more accurate (in my opinion). 

Regardless, we all need to pay more attention to the world around us. Americans are great at building prisons but not psychiatric wards. Why? Half the people in prison are mentally ill. When they are released, it’s with a handful of meds and nothing else. Is that the best we can do?


  1. Howisbradley says:

    Good post. I think Silver Linings hit the nail on the head for me.


  2. Shayla says:

    “If you’ve had sex with someone with absolutely no limits, that person was probably bipolar” is 100% dead-on, haha


  3. brandimiller says:

    I agree that it’s definitely something we need to pay more attention to!


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