Detour Into Yesterday

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Children, Family, Life, Race, Society, Travel
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I took a side trip into yesterday today. This trip had a few twists and turns literally and otherwise. My husband and I drove through East L.A. to get to my niece’s birthday party this afternoon.

Los Angeles has a very old and confusing freeway system and we took the wrong off-ramp. I wasn’t worried. We’re very good at being lost logically. All we had to do was backtrack and find the freeway entrance. We found a lot more.

After a few rights and lefts, we turned on Euclid Ave and there was my first elementary school! Pure serendipity! I was floored! I must have said Oh my God about a million times. But we still needed to get to the party.

We got there before my brother, his new wife, my nephew and niece showed up. This was the first interaction with my new sister-in-law since the wedding. I was curious to see if my brother had learned his lesson about how to treat his wife. Sadly, the answer is not really.

He is the eternal antagonist. He rudely talked over his wife. He made the afternoon about himself and his European honeymoon that was highlighted with business and economy interrogations of the locals! Wow! Sounds like super romantic!

My husband (always the fixer) redirected the conversation quite a bit and brought up our East L.A. detour. As usual, my brother had to argue about the directions! God forbid that he just concede to anything. When I asked if there is anything Americans can learn from Europeans, my brother proclaimed NO. He said Europeans want to be more like us. Bullshit came to mind.

My brother proceeded with his antagonistic ways through the gift openings and I was set to go after hugs and kisses from the kids. My husband and I retraced our steps and drove by my old school and my old house on Bernal.

It hit me like a brick. This was house I lived in where I was a Chicana, like everybody else. This is was my barrio instead of a neighborhood. Climbed up and ran down steep hills. It looks so much smaller now, but it moves me.


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