Posted: October 4, 2013 in America, Family, Friendship, Fun, Life, Music, Society, Travel
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I was having a great conversation with a good friend yesterday. We were talking about technology that is so ingrained into our lives like computers, DVRs, iPods and so on. I asked her if she could imagine life without those things . To my surprise, she said yes.

We had this conversation after watching the movie Once. The movie had many examples of human interaction in the purest forms and the music was a driving force. There’s nothing like listening to Irish musicians. It felt like it wasn’t even acting. My friend referred to the fact that the characters interacted quite well without all the bells and whistles of modern technology. She was very right.

I had forgotten that I once lived in a gadget-free world. At first I was bored, but later I saw the beauty of this electronic void. I fell in love with the art of conversation and quiet observation. More people need to learn both. There’s too much oral diarrhea going on in the world from people who refuse to see the truth.

Whenever I travel, I (mostly) shed the gadgetry skin. I focus on the peace and happiness of my journey. I think about all the people who are interwoven in this adventure tapestry, from my car buddy husband to the hotel reception girl. My goal is simply. I wish to embrace the foreign sounds and views with no expectations.

The best times I ever had in my life (not always on vacation) were very organic and intimate.  It felt safe, silly and deeply moving. I think when you make that sort of connection everything about you gets renewed. For me, my heart fills up with a very selfish giddiness and I gladly drop all insecurities.  By the way, my hangout time with my friend took me to a place I was grateful be in.


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