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Yesterday, I posted about the joys of hanging out with my girlfriends. Today, I have more comprehensive things to say about the topic.

My genuine affection for the girls wasn’t always the case. My childhood friends were mostly boys. Not pretty boys. They were gentle giants, rockers, potheads, nerds and at times, downright thugs.

I was protected and loved by them with no romantic strings attached (for the most part). I was free to talk shit and roughhousing was cool. In short, it was awesome to be tomboy.

Girls on the other hand, were a bit more complicated. Problem 1 – they were way too pretty. Problem 2 – they were forever vying for a spot with the ‘in’ crowd. Problem 3 – I was dumped as soon as ‘in’ crowd or a boyfriend entered the picture. Problem 4 – they were always fixing and judging me.

These weren’t  the hard and fast rules of friendship with everyone, by the way. It was a general theme for immature, clueless kids. I guess you grow out of it eventually.

The hot, clueless girls get betrayed by cute guys. So, they seek a safe bond within their gender. The gentle giants, potheads and nerds eventually want to have sex. So they take a shower, get a job and pay the bills.

I’ve been told that the woman makes the man. The cool thing about women is no one has to make us. We are self-made. In my entire life, I have rescued 3 women and two of them was my sister and mother. God only knows how many men I’ve rescued! But they were grateful.

Today, my girlfriends are beautiful in ways that transcend their looks. I can see our shared struggles, vulnerabilities, humor and fears. Together, we’re like an army and Hillary Clinton is our general!

  1. Doris says:

    it took me years to find the right girlfriends, I went to the same problem in high school, like how you ended this is true we are an army amiga


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