Brat-tastic 2.0

Posted: October 1, 2013 in America, Fun, Jokes, Life, Society, women
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Living in Los Angeles, California I’ve been exposed to several people who refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes. I was the same way, but then I turned 6 and grew out of it!

I was collector (bills not cool stuff) for 15 years and I heard lots of real humdingers. So, I figured I’d share a few.

After running her brand new Mercedes-Benz into a fence and street lamp right next to the DMV, the unlicensed driver tells the cop there was something wrong with the car! She was not to blame! The dealership was against her!

After racking up a $2000 Las Vegas hotel bill, young little Ms. Entitlement said her friends were suppose to pay because hot women never pay and she was hot!

Another woman driver said that the accident wasn’t her fault because the oncoming car kept going straight ahead when she was making a left. She said, ladies always go first!

Then there’s a real OMG story! Little Ms. You-owe-me takes her father’s credit card while he’s in a coma and goes on vacation. Everything was pre-paid online. Dad comes out of coma, reports unauthorized use and cops make an arrest. Little darling says, It was my birthday present in case he didn’t make it.


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