Ma’am This

Posted: September 17, 2013 in America, Fun, Life, Love, Men, mental health, sex, Society, women
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Needs and desires change for women throughout life. I’m sure it does for men too but, I’m a woman and this it’s my uterine rant.

In the beginning of puberty, you want to be ‘positively’ noticed. You hone in on nonverbal, sensual communication. With any luck, you get a hard and fast response (no pun intended).

When you’re quasi-independent, 20-ish, single and irresistible, you expect certain things to be a given. Why? Because you’re young and dumb!

Not paying for your drinks, cherry picking the guys on your friends list and never ever being rejected is a reasonable expectation for a member of the tramp stamp brigade (a lot of times its henna).

Then it happens! LIFE steps in and molds you into your authentic self. Committed relationship, kids, bills, mortgage, unsexy recreation and Disney has moved in to your once X-rated life. Then your eternal drug dealer becomes Spanx, elastic and Pilates begins!!

So what does the authentic you want? A realm where the uttering of the word ma’am is punishable by death is a good start. Getting carded is an absolute thrill! Being told you look 10 years younger than your age is awesome. If you tell a salesperson that you’re looking for a party dress and you’re directed to the Misses or Petite department that is a cause for celebration!

Government shouldn’t worry about terrorist threats. There is a greater threat out there. It’s the assault rifle packing, post menopausal Texan woman who got called ma’am one too many times!

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