Smile, Mom

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Family, Fun, Life, Love, women
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25 years ago  Mom, me and Carmen

25 years ago
Mom, me and Carmen

My husband and I just got back from taking family photos at my mother’s church. Even though my brother and his kids were absent, my mother was happy.

We were all dressed quite impressively. I even wore some make-up. By the way, I never wear make-up. So it was my mother, Carmen (sister), my husband and I all together taking various poses.

It was actually really fun. The photographer had a nice way about him. After the shoot, we collectively picked out the shots we liked and ordered the pictures.

My mother and sister were beautiful and happy. I clutched my mother’s hand and told her that I love her.  She told me that she loved me too.

It’s no big deal that mother and daughter should love each other. It’s natural and common. I bring it up because it took a 32 mile drive to go to this shoot.

And last night I was nauseous and my stomach was bloated. I willed myself into keeping this promise. As soon as I was with my mother and sister, I felt good and whole.

My mother can be overbearing and manipulative, but I love her. I love her when she is happy and light-hearted.  I even love her when she’s very annoying.


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