Loveable Things

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Art, Friendship, Fun, Jokes, Life, Love, Religion, Society
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It’s that time again. I’m itching to make another list. The topic? Things I love. Things not people. The people I love already know it and love me back. So what constitutes things ? Generalized life stuff basically.

I love social media: Facebook, YouTube, Bing and of course WordPress. Besides staying in touch, you find the funniest, most moronic people on the planet!

I love my car! As a former public transportation malcontent, I love my car like I love writing … A LOT! Should anyone steal my car and I find them, I will torture them in ways unknown to even Satan.

I love my cell phone. If I lose it or go for more than 5 minutes without it, I go into a techno-seizure!

I love my iPod. It’s my mini computer/music master. It’s the nicest gift my husband ever gave me.

I love my home! My husband and I have our own offices and bathrooms! We have a gate lined with rose bushes. Best of all, no carpet! Just lovely hardwood floors and tiles.

I love a good party! People should hug everyone, speak loudly, cuss, make unfettered jokes, be super laid back and have a good time.  And yes, I’ve been to a few.

I love meeting people from all over (in and outside the U.S.) and learning about their lives. We can all be better humans if we just shut up, sit and listen.

I love books. More to the point, I love honest books about the world and history. They can be hard to find sometimes, but when I find them I’m glad.

I love the arts. Museums are like living vessels of exquisite history to me. Music and dance is proof that God and humans partner beautifully.

I love that my mind has permitted me to write this post. I’m surprise I was able to actually complete it.





  1. Howisbradley says:

    I agree with everything but the car. I hate to have to maintain one. San Francisco is an excellent example of a city with a wonderful transportation system. Transportation here in LA…not so good. Being a person who relies on public transportation in Los Angeles sucks, but I have hopes that one day having a car will be a luxury that’s only used for long drives out of the city.


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