Wake up people! Promiscuity is not a byproduct of movies, dirty magazines or music. If that were the case, we would be having orgies in the street! No, Spring Break or Mardi Gras don’t count.

In my opinion (I’m not a doctor or a PhD) it’s caused by sexualized events in a prepubescent child’s life. This is when they learn that sex is control and power. And they want to gain control and power as teens and adults through sex of course.

Molesters and perverts like to test the waters before jumping in. They target the ‘pleasers’ around them. That’s easy because parents tell their kids to do as they’re told and respect their elders. So the ‘disobedient’ or trouble-making kids end up safe. Ironic isn’t it?

Even the singular moments of slaps on the behind, the creepy kiss on the mouth and the flashing of the private parts can affect kids later on in life. All of this is made worse by the parent’s unwillingness to have open and honest talks about sex.

The other root under the whore-tree is mental illness. OCD and bipolar disorder are hereditary (although your family will deny it). I was (and occasionally still am) plagued with manic hypersexuality because of my bipolar disorder.

Some people might think that hypersexuality is awesome. It isn’t. It’s lonely as hell and can bring on suicidal thoughts afterwards.  I have no idea if I got to be hypersexual because years of molestation or my bipolar disorder. It doesn’t matter. Today I take my meds, see my psychiatrist, talk to my husband and write everyday in my blogs.

So if you don’t want to see your kids in a Girls Gone Wild or XXX sex video or worse the morgue, you better plug into how they feel and what they think. You better pay attention to adults they avoid. And you better pay attention to the closet perverts that always want to see your kid immediately.


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