Backward Thinking

Posted: September 3, 2013 in America, Children, Family, Life, Love, Politics, Religion, sex, Society
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I’m really good at looking and judging the past. Today I looked as far as the 80’s. My core beliefs have pretty much stayed the same since then. I was known as Little Miss Outraged whenever I witnessed or heard about an injustice.

Were there many injustices in the 80s? Of course! Then and now I had a feeling that Americans and hell, mankind had gone too far on the screw-up scale.

When I first understood what AIDS was, I panicked a lot. Unprotected sex was everywhere in my world. Then there was Ryan White. He was a hemophiliac kid with AIDS that just wanted to be treated like any other kid.

When Rock Hudson announced he had AIDS, then died. I was floored. When Liberace died of AIDS, I was not surprised at all. His gayness was so obvious.

AIDS itself is and was an injustice, but heartless people always wanted to top the cruelty scale. Words like fags, queers, hate, God hates and die just popped out of humble, righteous Christian mouths for some reason.

My mentality was always the same. Judgment is God’s department, not mine. My department is acceptance, kindness, love and serving the ones that need to be served.

When America figured out that AIDS wasn’t just a gay disease did they talk to their kids about sex? Hell no! The kids went to Planned Parenthood for condoms and counseling.

Outraged conservatives decided to protest Planned Parenthood and again, ignored that ‘talk’ with their kids. Then a few parents decided to have ‘a talk’ not ‘the talk’.

‘A talk’ went like this : If you have sex before marriage and get sick (AIDS) or pregnant we will disown you (you’re dead to us).  That’s the girl talk.  The boy got : Use a condom or pull out before you ‘finish’ and if you’re gay, leave the house now.

This is how abortions, newborns in the trash can, paternity testing, deadbeat dads and suicides amongst teens happen. It’s also how raunchy talk shows get made.

I hope things have changed some. But hate groups still exist. Every time I see the hate mongers screaming I hope they induce a stroke or heart attack. I know it wrong! 😉

  1. Howisbradley says:

    I know you weren’t making a funny post, but this line “When Liberace died of AIDS, I was not surprised at all. His gayness was so obvious.” really cracked me up. I know you are in a down mode right now. I hope it passes soon.


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