The Monicas

Posted: August 20, 2013 in America, Friendship, Life, Love, Politics, sex, Society, women
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My name is Monica. I was not granted a middle name. I use my maiden name as a middle name. And my husband’s is my last. Still, I want to focus on Monica. The name, not me.

it’s a fairly common name that has been marred a bit. Monica Lewinski and her oral fixations didn’t help me or my fellow Monicas. And then there’s Monica Seles. She came back to pro tennis after being stabbed! You go girl!

Monica the R&B artist sang at the Olympics when she was 15 years old! And she has a lovely, almost regal look about her. Excellent role model, I say. But the Monica I like the best is me. No, I’m not bragging. I’m not conceited.

I like that I’m open regardless of the circumstances. I actually made friends with violent skinheads and Chicano thugs when I was a kid. I always want to learn from the world no matter the cost. I love all kinds of people. Yes, even a few Republicans.

I’ve been conned, robbed, assaulted and abandoned in my life. It doesn’t matter, because I’m still here. And I’m okay. I’m glad that I can talk to myself and think my way out of a problem. Yup, this Monica is pretty cool. I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.

  1. Like you, I’m a Monica, so you’re my tocaya. The Lewinski days were bad especially when I had (or rather she had) my hairdo and I wore a blue dress to work on the same damn day the Clinton/Lewinski story broke. Love your posts.


    • coconutspeak says:

      Thank you for the comment and like. My poor other Monica! I had to live with Lewinski joke and snide remarks for ages! After a while, I warned people if they went there I would destroy their “Lewinski parts” .


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