Make-Up, Camera And Action

Posted: August 15, 2013 in America, Bipolar, Jokes, Life, Politics, Race, sex, Society
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What if Hollywood had to take over Washington DC ? Who would replace the DC power players? Yes, I’m making a new list because I can.

Speaker of The House – Bill Maher – He would act like a drill sergeant.

Democrat Majority Leader – Senator Ellen DeGeneres would be my first pick. Only a bastard wouldn’t like Ellen.

Republican Majority Leader – Senator Jodie Foster because everyone knows who she is but she won’t confirm it. Very Republican of her.

Supreme Court Justice – Easy. Entire cast of The Office.

CIA Director – Claire Danes – A bipolar in the CIA is like rum in the punch bowl!

FBI Director – Seth Rogen – A pot smoker who lets the CIA take care of it.

Head of Homeland Security – Johnny Knoxville from Jack Ass. He doesn’t care what needs to be done.

** Secretary of Treasury – Carrie Fisher knows all about loss and profit!

Secretary of the Interior – Woody Harrelson would bring tree hugging to a whole new level.

Secretary of Labor – Robert De Niro would put everyone to work just by tilting his head.

Secretary of Defense – No brainer. Bruce Willis is his own army.

Secretary of State – Dr. Phil with his ‘that dog won’t hunt’ and ‘this situation needs a hero’ would manipulate anyone into submission.

Vice President – Robin Williams is just crazy enough to pull it off.

President – Need I say it? Morgan Freeman has played God and the president already. He’s over qualified!

  1. Howisbradley says:

    Great list. I would try to fit Carrie Fisher in there somewhere as well.


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