A Global Feeling

Posted: August 15, 2013 in America, Life, Race, Society, Travel
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One of the side effects of maintaining a blog is thinking about the world as an actual, interactive reality. Prior to blogging, it was easy to think of the world in the abstract. Perhaps many operate under this self-imposed fog. Why not? You’re here and they’re there.

Before the birth of coconutspeak, the world was only made truly real to me by traveling. Which made me use all my senses to experience a foreign realm and its people. Yes, that includes places in the U.S.

That was then and this is now. I am blessed with typing cyber humans that share who they are and what they know about their slice of the planet. I have never been attracted to the pristine, edited tourist places of alleged interest. And I don’t get that from fellow bloggers.

My life’s road is very uneven and rocky. I like it that way. As a witness of general airport mood, I see there is a shortage of light-hearted travelers. Perhaps they travel for business or to visit annoying relatives.

Nonetheless, everyday I am off to the UK, The Philippines , Australia and so many more lands. I get to share who I am and see how my cyber friends bless me with beautifully flawed humanity.



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