The Adorable Guadalupe

Posted: August 13, 2013 in America, Children, Jokes, Life, Mexico, Politics, Race, sex, Society
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Buffy Barrington-Charleston was entertaining 100 of her closest friends. Trying to sound humble, she gives a tour of her palatial estate.

When asked who the adorable, silent and small Mexican girl is, Buffy had much to say. “Guadalupe has been with us for 20 some-odd years. She’s fabulous with everything. Especially the kids. If she had money, she could have raised my kids alone. Yes, they’re still in college back east.”

“Still, Guadalupe helps around the house”, she huffs. “But maybe I should let her go. She’s outlived her usefulness and I need a younger staff.”

Guadalupe walks over with a smile on her face.” I have a few things to confess, I’m afraid. I’m an American citizen with a masters degree in psychology.  My thesis was based entirely on raising your kids. They paid my tuition with your money. There was never a two-month vacation in Europe.

“No one stole Ally’s Louis Vuitton collection. George has never paid SoHo rent. He makes a living in a Bensonhurst pizzeria. And he shares an apartment with Marc, his girlfriend.”

Guadalupe shows her iPod set on Skype. The kids confirm it is all true and say good-bye.

“I’m going to leave now, Mrs. Buffy. I’m running for your ex-husband’s congressional seat next month.”


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