Still Guilty

Posted: August 12, 2013 in America, Bipolar, Health, mental health, Politics, Society
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Diminished mental capacity or mental disease or defect is what lawyers call it. That’s the explanation for so much bloodshed and suffering.

Of course, you have to dress it up and slap on some make-up. And an Oscar-worthy production and performance is par for the course.

All that and Hannibal Lecter’s first-born walks, right? Not necessarily. The law is never simple and is sporadically just.

Not for you, me, lawyers, judges or society. Sometimes the grown men with the minds of children get to drink hot cocoa and play badminton with no net until they die.

Sometimes voices are heard from invisible pot stirrers and that poor devil avoids death. Sometimes psych ward candidates get a needle in the arm.

And then there are the ones that take matters into their own hands and use a sheet the wrong way.  The system and society are good at failing beautifully.

Prior to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I use to think the ‘crazy’ defense as a copout. Do I feel that way now? Yes, I do and no, I don’t.

Every person that even remotely believes that he or she can harm anyone when off their meds is making a choice when they go off their meds.

They are choosing to engage in a dangerous practice. That’s your right. The law can’t force you to take your meds.

But with rights come responsibilities. I’m going to drink like a fish in my house! It’s my right! Too bad your family died in the fire you started.

It’s my right to bear arms! Yes, it is. But if your 10 year-old son blows his head off with your rifle, who’s responsible? Mr. Right is.

Mental Illness isn’t like a cold. It takes years to manifest itself. I know what I’m capable of doing. Bipolar disorder will be with me for the rest of my life.

I’m not saying all schizophrenic and bipolar patients should get no consideration in court. I just resent the ‘rubber stamp’ approach to the system.

I am bipolar. I am also moral, caring, loving, stubborn, opinionated, flawed and I write pretty well. If I commit a crime, arrest and prosecute me.


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