Life Lesson

Posted: August 12, 2013 in America, Children, Life, Society
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Eighteen year old brat made a deal with her dad. She agreed to get a real job after her dad buys her dream car.

Dad says, just off the assembly line? All the extra options too, right?  And to-die-for rims and a custom paint job?

Yes, yes, yes daddy!  And we can sign a contract, too. Dad replies, once you’re 18 years-old all contracts are legally binding. She agrees.

Daddy’s little angel tells her friends how she pulled one over on her old man. There’s no date requirement on her end of the contract.

Her automotive dream arrives in 7 short days. She shows her father their contract with a smirk on her face.

There is no agreed upon date for me to get a job, she gloats. Father laughs and says, there’s no agreed upon requirement that you get to have the car.

Remember, I bought your car dream car. That is all I have to do. Daddy hands his angel a bus pass. Then he takes her dream for a drive.


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