Tenure Keeps The Party Goin’

Posted: August 10, 2013 in America, Children, Health, Life, mental health, Politics, Society
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So there’s this little thing called tenure that teachers rely on. It’s basically a guaranteed job forever. For the most part, this is a good thing.

And then there was my 9th grade history teacher(1980-ish). Every single day, Mr. C  was drunk out of his mind. His desk was at the back of room, next to the door.

His vodka bottles were loud as they rolled in his desk. I got a lot of ‘I like you, Monica. You’re smart.’ from him. But his breath was unbearable!

He rarely lectured. But when he did, it was a quite a show. His ramblings were legendary! If a student tricked him with a question, he would growl at him.

Basically he wrote out 50 questions on the chalkboard and the chapters that had the answers. On Fridays we took the test which everyone passed.

And we had the occasional educational video tapes and open discussion afterwards. Mr. C would totally go off topic and even talked about his youthful exploits.

Good times were had by all. Mr. C could continue to drink himself into an early grave. His students learned how pathetic a drunk teacher can be.

All this because of a blank check notion that all teachers actually teach. Well, at least Mr. C got his non judgmental, beloved tenure.


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