Our Sin

Posted: August 9, 2013 in America, Health, Life, Politics, Race, Society
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I am tired of people saying that America is the greatest country in the world. What is the basis of that argument?

Do they refer to political, rule of law, society or wealth? Yes, I am a born and raised American. I love my country on many levels.

Do I think it’s the best? Hell no. Like many countries, we are flawed. Some ways a little. Other ways a lot. Our society has sinned .. A LOT.

Lets not pretend we haven’t. And I’m not referring to slavery (although it is a huge sin) either. Here’s my list:

Fear – Americans let fear dictate how we live. We are willing to victimize ourselves and neighbors to prevent the ghost killer/rapist from hurting us.

Selfishness – Americans demand more. Period. Better clothes, cars, homes, sex, vacations and everything in between, must be obtained.

Complacency – This is the worse sin of all. “I’m just one person.” “The system is rigged against me.” “Nothing ever changes.”

Nothing changes because no one is willing to change! We like our fear. Its been with us for a long time. What will happen to us if we let it go?

Answer: You will grow up and be brave. Not like fighting the dragon brave. I mean scaring the tyrant brave.

No more excessive living, America. Give back something, anything to those that need it. And I’m not talking about money!

There are so many everyday American heroes out there. My mother once placed her bare hand over a badly bleeding cut.

The injured was HIV+ and told my mother. She said she wouldn’t let go until the ambulance showed up. That was in the 80’s.

My mother tested negative several times and is fine today. By the way, she’s Mexican.





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