Love Is Blind

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Children, Friendship, Health, Life, Love, Men, sex, Society, women
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For those of you who don’t know, I have a partially sighted sister who also endures mild retardation due to brain trauma.

She was dropped on her head when she was 40 days old by a last-minute babysitter. Her skull fractured in half.

After surviving that horror, Carmen contracted spinal meningitis at age 2 and was unresponsive for months.

My mother was advised to institutionalize Carmen because she was like a vegetable. My mother ignored the advice.

For several years, everyone in Carmen’s life was her therapist in some way shape or form. Today, she is just as outspoken as I am.

Carmen has been divorced well over a year now.  She called me 2 days ago and confessed she was in a friendship with a man (not a guy).

Today she told me that she ended her friendship because he wanted a threesome! Bear in mind, I don’t talk about sex to her that often!

She said that she wished for a reasonable companionship, friendship and maybe deep down inside romance. The problem is fear.

Every ‘disabled or special needs’ friend (including her ex-husband) has used her in one way or another. So, like the good sister that I am, I started looking for social sites for the disabled.

That was 2 hours ago! I hate what I’m finding in our area and I don’t want her go back the Braille Institute in Hollywood.

Nothing good ever came of that place. Next week Carmen turns 43 years-old. What to do? What to do?



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