Moron Nation

Posted: August 4, 2013 in America, Children, Health, Jokes, Life, Politics, Society, women
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People, for the most part, are stupid. Yes, that includes me. I’ve done lots of bonehead things. But stupidity comes in varying degrees and frequencies.

So perhaps we can address a few mundane, not-so-mundane and moronic things people subscribe to.

Why will women spend well over $100 on designer 6 inch heels that don’t fit, can’t walk in and cause bleeding, corns and expensive trips to a podiatrist?

Why would anyone besides a porn star get an anus bleaching? Really? Did kids make fun of your asshole in school?

Okay. Certain things in life are a given and free. The sun, the moon and air that has oxygen in it.

So outside of a hospital or doctor’s office , why the hell would you pay for oxygen at an oxygen bar

Why does our society spend billions on pets while children are hungry, uninsured and poorly educated?

Why do old white men have a say in what happens to young women’s vagina? Let’s be fair. A women’s court should be convened to decide who gets circumcised, castrated or a vasectomy.

Tanning beds? Is the sun not good enough for you?  Do you want to be an orange mummy?

Why do parents spend 5 to 6 figures to celebrate their daughters’ sweet 16 birthday parties and Quinceañeras (15 year-old Latin coming out ceremony) ?

It can and usually does cost as much a wedding. Hundreds of guests, a new car, hair, make-up, sexy gowns and photographers … for daddy’s little princess!

I don’t feel so crazy now. Although, I was stupid when I went to Las Vegas. I won lots of money, didn’t get a room, then lost most of my money and headed home with just enough to pay the bus fare!

  1. Howisbradley says:

    There’s not a single line on your list that I would disagree with and I’m I’ve done my share of boneheaded things as well.


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