Ah … My Friends

Posted: August 4, 2013 in America, Children, Friendship, Life, Race, sex, Society
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As far back as I can remember, I’ve almost consistently been drawn to strange, unusual and questionable friendships.

I was an outsider, even in kindergarten. I stayed in the classroom with my teacher and ‘weird’ kids.

I was held back a year because I wouldn’t stand up for myself in the playground. Screw you Los Angeles Unified School District!

Then I made friends with old people in the neighborhood. This is not good, but it was safe. But then came the gangs. Not safe.

Mexican-American gangsters are called Vatos and their women are Viejas. I picked up and dropped off smokes, beer and brown bags I never opened.

In exchanged, I was renamed Little Moni and warned before shit was going to hit the fan (i.e. gang bang).

When I left East L.A. my friends became Asians, handicapped kids, nerds, geeks and the dirt poor of Pasadena California. No one was cute in any way.

As I moved onto my teenage years, more of the same. But my buddies were potheads, smokers, drinkers, cutters, thugs, sluts and the question marks.

We listens to Death Rock and anything dark. Wore black, black and more black. I dyed my hair jet black and shaved the side of my head.

And then there’s the ultimate of mystic geek friends …. Rocky Horror Picture Show junkies,  Role Playing Gamers, actual magic book buyers (Wicca) and Renaissance Pleasure Faire creatures.

Halloween was a sacred holiday in this circle. But I grew up. And found the catty ladies in my nail salon, Islamic ladies, bloggers, writers, actors and other Hollywood refugees.

No one need die, bleed or lose control to have fun. Thank God my husband saved me from the sacrifice!


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